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Dying to Dye

I have decided to devote some of my allotment to dye plants and am on the search for some Madder (Rubia tinctorum). Would be very grateful if anyone can let me know where I can get some plants!

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  1. Grower

    Roger McKearney

    I have only managed to get them from another member of the Hants Guild of Weavers Spinners and Dyers. No plant centre near us in Winchester sells them. They aren't very attractive as plants, and their roots take 3 years to get to usefulness. And far from being invasive, all my stock has died off! Ebay sells good dried chopped roots, if it's the dyeing your after. Iranian powdered is expensive but dyes wonderfully, as it should do at the price! I'm having more success with woad, germinated for me by a kind Green Plant person. Euphorbias are easy to grow and produce wonderful yellow. Dyer's weld is not hard, either

    If I can give any more help, please let me know.

  2. Grower

    Steve Thompson

  3. Grower

    Roger McKearney

    Steve- thank you for this very useful link. I think I may be about to spend a substantial sum of money......................!

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