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Asparagus beetles?

I made an asparagus bed in April and planted the crowns. They were all romping away wonderfully and then suddenly looked like they were all withering and drying out. On closer inspection I found a beetle infestation (and their grubs I assume). I have squished and sprayed and left the spindles in position.

Does anyone know what to do next?

The plants look a bit sad and I don't know if I should just leave them and hope they recover for next year. If I leave them is there anything I can do to help them heal (watering, feeding etc)?

It's really irritating as I dug trenches with lots of drainage and incorporated lots of rotted manure and resisted picking any spears.

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  1. Grower

    Geoff Hodge

    You could try spraying the beetles/grubs with a suitable insecticide - such as BugClear for Fruit & Veg.
    Feeding may help to build up the strength of the plants - I would suggest a high potash feed. And a feed with a seaweed-based tonic, such as Maxicrop, may also help.
    Don't cut down the remaining stems until they completely die back - go brown. Depending on how much foliage is left, it may reduce next year's crop.
    Hope that helps.

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