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Bulb care...(Muscari etc)

  • Bulb care...(Muscari etc)

How should i look after these bulbs in pots ( i don't have a garden at the moment!) They have just been left on the patio since flowering. I also have several other bulbs in pots-not so crowded. Alliums/daffodils/anenomi/bluebell & Anemone.

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  1. Grower

    Rachel the Gardener

    (laughs hysterically) Suzi, I would throw these away!!

    Seriously (I hate Muscari, it's the scourge of South Oxfordshire) these bulbs are badly damaged, beside being somewhat cramped, and are Muscari really worth keeping?

    As for the other ones, I would raise their pots off the ground to allow drainage now that we are heading into the wetter part of the year, then with luck, next year they will burst into life again.

    Next time they flower, it might be worth giving them some liquid feed as the flowers start to fade, so that the bulbs can build up good reserves for the following year. There's not much to be done now, to influence them for next year.

    Hope this helps, and sorry about not liking Muscari!!

  2. Grower


    I think i may have to report you to the Muscari Appreciation Society Rachel !!!! I love them !!! They even look pretty when dried up ; )
    Thank you for the info : )

  3. Grower

    Rachel the Gardener

    I hates them, my precious, I hates them!

    And if you'd spent as much time as I have, trying to dig the little beggars out, you would hate them too!

    Yes, I know I get paid to do it, but still, it's back-breaking and soul-destroying work when there are so many other, better, things to do in the garden!

  4. Grower



  5. Grower

    Paul & Valerie Guppy

    My mother had muscari in her garden when she moved in ,after 20 years of digging out the blessed things , they were still popping up all over the place.When she died the new owners moved in and built a big extension on the area the muscari
    were and that finally did for them.

  6. Grower

    Rachel the Gardener

    Hoots with laughter! I bet that in time, the Muscari will find some cracks or joins, and inveigle themselves back into the light!!

  7. Grower


    I had no idea there was such disdain for the 'little blue flower' ! 🤣

  8. Grower

    Jeremy Wright

    Been going for centuries! Here is John Parker, the 17th century herbalist on Muscari: "It will quickly choke a ground for which cause most men do cast it into some bye corner". Must say, I like the flower, but then ours are tactically planted by a previous owner in a raised brick bed from which there is no apparent escape!

  9. Grower


    Ahhh i see...oh dear.. well at least you like it too! : )

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