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Plant Identification - fig-like leaves

  • Plant Identification - fig-like leaves
  • Plant Identification - fig-like leaves

Please can anyone help identify this plant? Since we moved here just over 2 years ago I have been thinking (and hoping) this was a fig. Now it appears to be flowering and I haven't found any photos of fig flowers like this. Do figs even have flowers?

Comments (4)

  1. Grower


    This is a Fatsia Japonica, a great plant!

  2. Grower

    Sharon Jones

    Do be very careful with the seeds...they are deadly poisonous.

  3. Grower

    Rachel the Gardener

    No they are not, Sharon: the poisonous one is the small, tender Ricinus Communis (Castor Oil Plant). Fatsia is often labelled "False Castor Oil Plant" hence the confusion.

    The black berries of Fatsia Japonica, large, hardy plant growing outdoors in the UK, won't do you any harm, although I certainly wouldn't recommend eating them, as they are not edible. But they are not deadly poisonous.

  4. Grower

    Jenny MacKinnon

    Thank you, Jane, for solving the mystery so quickly. I am disappointed it won't be producing any figs but it has had no attention and is flourishing. The flower spikes are quite spectacular and welcome at this time of the year.

    Thanks also for the other comments. I am relieved I don't need to worry about my dog eating the berries!

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