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‘Dusty’ plants.....

  • ‘Dusty’ plants.....
  • ‘Dusty’ plants.....
  • ‘Dusty’ plants.....

could anyone tell me why some of my plants have a dust like coating on them, and how i can get rid of it please?
thank you

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  1. Grower

    Rachel the Gardener

    Hi Kirsty, It looks like common or garden mildew to me: perfectly normal for this time of year. It's a result of moistness: and it's been pretty wet this summer, hasn't it?

    It affects some plants worse than others, and some never seem to suffer from it at all, but once it starts there isn't much you can do.

    We all want a dense, colourful display of flowers, and sometimes this is the price we have to pay.

    For next year, you could try splitting the plants and spreading them out a little, so that there is more air flow around the stems: you could also make notes of which plants are affected, and you could try spraying them with anti-fungals earlier in the year.

    In "my" gardens, I tend to cut down plants once they start looking mildewy like this: I don't think it's pretty, and even if they are still flowering, I think that the display is spoiled by the foliage, so they get chopped a little early. Sometimes if it just one or two stems, you can cut them out right to the ground and enjoy the rest: sometimes, if the weather is mild, there will be time for a flush of new growth if you cut them back hard now.

    Hope this helps!

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