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Organic or not?

According to the people that know about these things, fewer UK gardeners regard themselves as being "organic". This is interesting - and I wonder if it is correct - or whether it's all a matter of terminology. Exactly what is organic?
Whenever I speak to gardeners and ask them if they are organic gardeners, quite a few reply: "Well, I try to be". That's a bit like saying I'm a vegetarian - but I do eat meat! You either are or you aren't
The principles of organic gardening are all about feeding the soil to make it as healthy as possible, which leads to stronger, healthier plants - plus not using man-made chemicals. The whole ethos about feeding the soil is a good one and everyone should practice it, because the soil is the most important factor in growing good plants. But what about using man-made chemicals? What is a man-made chemical? Pesticide sprays based on 'naturally-occurring' substances or feeds based on plant or animal residues are still made by man - so are they included or excluded?
I'd love to hear what you think about the subject.

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  1. Grower

    Geoff Hodge

    Thanks for your comment - makes sense to me.

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