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Advice on new witch hazel

I am thinking of buying "Loropetalum", a new Chinese witch hazel, does anyone have any experience with these plants? It would be planted in a mixed border with sun from dawn to around mid day and in fairly heavy soil with chalk beneath with a PH of around 7. Any advise or recommendations would be appreciated.

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  1. Grower


    Hi Winifred
    I have loropetalum chinense 'Black Pearl' with similar sun and border position as you intend, but the soil is probably lighter, being a good depth of imported top soil on top of clay. The photo was taken 2 years ago, the year after planting.
    It is quite slow growing and I keep having an attempt at propagating by cuttings and layering but it's not playing as yet. It has been quite hardy up here in York, though a 'Firedance' I tried didn't overwinter despite moving it into a frost free greenhouse.
    Hope your salvia are growing well - the cuttings you kindly sent to me have put on a great display this year, thank you.

    • Advice on new witch hazel
  2. Grower

    Winifred Field

    Thanks Linda

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