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Schisandra rubrifolia

Does anybody have experience of growing this supposedly, hardy climber? I've never seen one but am very interested in acquiring one. If anyone has grown one, can you tell me how easy, best aspect etc. Many thanks. Barbara

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  1. Grower

    Fred Pike

    I had Schisandra rubiflora (I think that is the name you mean) outside my front door, on a North facing wall for some years - about 5. Sadly, it died this summer, when we were away in France, and there was no rain whilst we were away - we came back, and it was all shrivelled up. Therein lies a clue, which I will come to later.

    It is a lovely plant, however, do not be misled by photographs you see of the flowers. They hang down close to their base, and you will not see into the flower with all the stamens that are always shown in photographs.

    I originally had the plant on a wall in full sun - as many of the commercial sites say is fine; although I was careful to keep it watered, it really did nothing for 2 years, and was clearly struggling. I then read somewhere, that the plant prefers a sheltered shady wall. I moved it to the aforementioned shady aspect outside the front door, and it immediately took off.

    You must let it get remotely dry, and certainly not water logged - well drained.It will need tying.

  2. Grower

    Barbara Dwyer

    Thanks Fred, that's very helpful information and yes, I did mean rubiflora. Barbara

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