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Abutilons Kentish Belle and Cynthia Pike

I have just seen notes on this site re Abutilon Kentish Belle. I am simply posting because I have a particular interest in this plant, in that it was raised by my late father - A V Pike, when he was Head Gardner at Hever Castle in the 1950s. The same crossing also produced the sibling plant Abutilon Cynthia Pike - named after my elder sister.

I do not have Kentish Belle in my garden (readily available now in good garden centres and nurseries - at a price!), but I do have Cynthia Pike, a better progeny, although slightly more tender, and not readily available. Having said that, A x Cynthia Pike in my garden here in South Devon, has thrived outside, for a good few years and some harder winters, although it has to be said, up against a south facing wall. Another one (the elder) is on an east facing wall, and is still there!

I am keen to keep "Cynthia Pike" alive, in all senses of the word (she is still alive), but we are both getting on! If anybody is local to South Devon, and would like to take cuttings, or ask me to raise some next year, please feel free.

Fred Pike

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  1. Grower


    I would love to have a raised plant if you had some spare next year. I live in mid devon, so I think she would need a little more protection than where you are.....My email is Many thanks and kind regards ruth

  2. Grower

    Robyn Connett

    What an interesting story and wonderful offer. I would love to help keep 'Cynthia Pike' going in perpetuity and would be very pleased to nurture a potted cutting here in Exeter when you have one ready.
    I haven't got a Kentish Belle but have seen examples growing successfully for a number of years in gardens across the city.
    Thank you.

  3. Grower


    I would love any cuttings that you have spare I have a large walled garden so i am sure it would find a spot. I try to furnish the garden with collected items that have a story so I am glad to continue the family. I am in torquay so it should be fine thankyou

  4. Grower

    Jennifer Monk

    Hello Fred, I would love to help keep Abutilon Cynthia Pike going. I have a large sloping south facing garden in Dawlish, and successfully grew an abutilon in a less sheltered garden here previously. I love propagating plants with a story. Many thanks, Jenny

  5. Grower

    Jan Gailans

    Hi Fred, what a fascinating story and generous offer. I love to read about the history of plants and the plant hunters and hybridisors. I live in Crediton and if you have enough cuttings I'd love to care for Cynthia in my garden.

  6. Grower


    Hi Fred, I'm in Somerset but I'd love to help keep Cynthia going. Please let me know when your cuttings have taken and are ready for potting on and I'll find a way of getting to you! Thanks, Coralie

  7. Grower

    Fred Pike

    Thank you for all of your responses. I am a little overwhelmed. Please bear with me, and I will do my best in the coming year, and get back to you all. Incidentally, I am in Chudleigh, so many of you are local to me.

  8. Grower

    Paddock Plants

    Hello Fred. Do hope you might still see this 12 months after the original conversation. We are building a collection of less common Abutilon varieties and would be very interested in obtaining Cynthia Pike if poossible. We have sons living in Exeter so something might be arranged via them. Do let us know if you happen to see this! Many thanks, Rob.

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