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Rhoicissus rhomboidiae ( grape ivy)

Can anyone help me find this plant in the UK?

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  1. Grower


    This is interesting! I came upon Green Plant Swap while I was looking for the same plant. I have found it, at a ridiculous price, under its alternate name of Cissus rhombifolia. We can buy a large one at for £27.50 (!). I remember this from my youth in the States as something you could get a piece of from just about anybody. I've asked House of Plants if they'll sell me a small plant, a rooted cutting, or even a cutting, but they haven't answered. I don't actually want a large one. My mother kept hers in the same 15 cm pot for about 30 years in a north window, through a program of dedicated neglect. It was still there last time I visited. Same pot, same parched soil. i was always sneaking it a little water and if she caught me at it, she'd say "Don't water it! I don't want it to grow." Might as well have been plastic. But anyway, I have something of the same thing in mind, though I probably won't be able to resist caring for it.

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