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Elegant palm tree, well trimmed, would grace a large garden

  • Elegant palm tree, well trimmed, would grace a large garden
  • Elegant palm tree, well trimmed, would grace a large garden
  • Elegant palm tree, well trimmed, would grace a large garden

Elegant palm tree last call: 3.50 H by 120 girth. Well trimmed would grace a large garden. Also free: white hydrangea, winter jasmine and choice of shrubs on offer for a new garden!
Clapham South, SW11 area, London.

Comments (8)

  1. Grower


    Interested! And I live in sW11.

  2. Grower


    interested but miles away in glossop! i think they can grow really big 🌸

  3. Grower

    Imogen Milward

    Hi Rebecc,
    hope you are well?

    There is :
    Hydrangea, winter jasmine, broome, grass or the magnificent palm tree?
    How far is Glossop from SWest London?

    If you have 2 strong men and a range rover or a 4 by 4 or or a 'pick up truck /large van, or horse/ box,

    yes come and take the palm tree!

    It should go soon... while its cold and wet,

    very Best regards,


  4. Grower

    Imogen Milward

    The date palm can grow to 20 ft or more so it is for a large garden or field!
    Depends on the soil and where you put it. You need to water it a lot for 6
    months until its really established. You need a big root ball which is why you
    need to bring 2 men to load it after digging it up.

  5. Grower


    thanks for the encouraging words and the awesome sounding plants but glossop is too far to come x

  6. Grower

    Imogen Milward

    Hi Raztus,

    this palm has not been rehomed!

    Ideally you would dig it up in Nov or late October when its going into dormancy.
    Palm Height is 10 and diameter is 126Cm. this tree is not for the faint hearted. Will take 2 men to dig out and transport wrapped.

    It could be trimmed right down smaller in November to transport it. If you take it now you will have to water it and its in a growing phase so ideally not a good idea to trim it up now.
    Let me know if you would take it in Nov etc, its a stunning tree...
    Best regards, I'm.
    London Clapham South SW11.

  7. Grower

    Imogen Milward

    The winter jasmine, or the broome are ready to go if you need to fill a new garden and are coming for the palm tree? Lots of Japanese lilies on offer too,
    best regards, I'm.

  8. Grower

    Imogen Milward

    Hi Raztus,
    Unless you want to water it all spring and summer I would say yes maybe end of Autumn is best but you are welcome to come and size it up and see if its what you really want? Just let me know!

    A very sturdy 3.10 ms high by 1.25 wide it will take 2 strong men and a lot of digging and some wrapping to transport. Then you have to dig a massive hole in your garden with some specialist knowledge of where to grow it : it likes sandy and dry, even poor soil.
    Really needs a pick up truck to transport it but you could trim it before it goes.
    I think this palm may be more than a match. I love it but it has got too exuberant! You are welcome to take it, if you have the 2 men- power and expertise and the large garden! It is absolutely beautiful and transports your garden to the Middle east, Far east or the Canaries and is very admired. It is huge!
    Best regards Imogen

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