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Buddleia seeds

I was in the garden yesterday having a tidy up and discovered several buddleia seeds so cut them off and brought inside to dry. Is it worth trying to grow them?Or should i have gathered them before winter?!

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  1. Grower

    Rachel the Gardener

    Hi Suzi, Buddleia produce seeds by the thousand, quite literally, so I would expect your garden to have quite a few small plants in it by now! They are particularly good at germinating in shingle paths, and in out-of-the-way corners of the garden where they lurk, until they are too large to easily weed out.

    Are you sure we are talking about Buddleia?

  2. Grower


    Hi Rachel,
    Ok,thank you.
    Yes definitely Buddleia but they are only 3 very small plants in pots on the patio producing a few flower heads. About 10 inches in height. They are beautiful colours a pale blue, aubergine and pale purple!

  3. Grower

    Jim Edwards

    Always interesting propagating shrubs from seed as you never know what to expect. Unfortunately most revert to their native species and buddleia can be a prominent weed. You do not say which species the seeds came from or whether there are any other species nearby. However aubergine sounds rather nice are these in their second year?
    You may have a dwarf variety such as petite or an invasive variety some can grow so fast and strong.
    Always propagate from cuttings to stay true, we take ours from semi hardwood in the fall.
    The RHS and other Authorities think they have control of propagation but they cannot control naturalisation.
    We haven't got one called Suzi yet
    Good luck Jim

  4. Grower


    Hi Jim, Many thanks for that info.
    It's a dwarf variety called Buzz- i got it from Thompson and Morgan i think. They are lovely colours for sure & are in pots. Yes they are in their second year. I will give them a try but am not good with cuttings though will try again in the autumn !!
    : )
    Thank you!

  5. Grower

    Jim Edwards

    So how are your plants doing have you got an amazing amount of butterflies?
    Do post some photos of your budlegas lets all enjoy what you've grown from seed.

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