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Looking for a good square meal

How are your plants performing this year? Are they strong and healthy and flowering their heads off - or are they sickly with yellowing leaves?
After one of the wettest winters on record and something less than a sunny summer so far - OK, it's wet at the moment - a lot of plants I've seen in people's gardens are looking for a good feed. I'm sometimes amazed that some people don't feed their plants regularly - or at all - if and when they need it. How would you feel if you were stuck outside for six months and nobody threw a bit of steak or a bag of chips at you regularly? You wouldn't be best pleased or able to perform properly.
I tend to feed my plants annually with coated controlled-release feeds. I say I use them because I'm busy - people that know me say it's because I'm lazy! But I only have my plants in mind, since these 'smart' feeds will supply nutrients for up to six months from one application.
The coating controls and regulates the release of nutrients, only releasing them when conditions are right for plant growth and when the plants need them. This release ensures steady, even growth – not uneven surges – which is far better for producing strong, sturdy, healthy plants that perform much better in the garden. This also ensures there is little risk of under- and overfeeding and wastage due to excessive leaching out of the soil or compost.
If you didn't use a controlled-release feed, then you will have to top up the nutrients again throughout the growing season.
Granular feeds, like Growmore, may feed for up to eight weeks. Liquid feeds act instantly as the nutrients are already in solution, but they are used up quickly and need re-applying ever 10-14 days or so.
So, when it comes to plant feeding, choose you poison - but remember to take it at the required dosage and at the recommended timing.

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