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Will my Hoheria survive?

My Hoheria sexstylosa, a 4 metre high specimen, has lost the top leaves. I assume due to cold weather. Will it survive? Only the top metre has shed the leaves.

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  1. Grower

    Rachel the Gardener

    Hi David, I think you are right about the cold weather - they're not fully hardy, I think down to about -5, and it's certainly been colder than that, this winter!

    It should regenerate from lower down: if the bare bit looks dreadful, you could always carefully cut it back, now that it's finally getting milder. If in doubt, I'd leave it a bit longer and see if there are any signs of new leaves appearing on the bare sections: if not, then you will need to cut off the dead sections, once you are sure they are dead.

    Just a thought, you say it's 4m high, is the top, damaged, section, poking up above a fence or wall? If it is, then this could account for the damage, as the highest parts would be less sheltered than the lower growth.

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