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Should I fleece or 'earth up' my potatoes?

I have just planted my potatoes (several varieties). I am in London and am not sure whether I should fleece or build earth up over them to protect against late frosts. Will either work as well ... or is one better for a reason?

Can anyone advise?

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  1. Grower


    I'd fleece the potatoes during nights when frost is forecast, but don't forget to earth up around them, too. Earthing up will actually give you a better crop.

  2. Grower

    Sean Clow

    Thanks, I didn't know earthing up also improves the crop.

  3. Grower

    Corseside nursery

    we are giving them a go in tyres this year...when you earth up do you leave any leaves showing? potatoes not one of my strong points...

  4. Grower

    Sean Clow

    I was over enthusiastic with my planting (too many close together), which has made earthing up very difficult.... I've learned now.
    An old boy on my allotment (his potatoes look incredibly vigorous) just digs a hole with a crow bar drops in rotted manure and drops the potatoes in on top and covers with soil , he also tapes 2 water bottles together in a tube shape ..sticks it on a cane and feeds the tube into the soil for accurate watering.
    Next year this will be my technique.

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