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Sow & Share: a new concept in garden learning

  • Sow & Share: a new concept in garden learning

Baltonsborough School in Somerset is the first school in the country to benefit from a Sow & Share garden - an 'open-air classroom' designed by GreenPlantSwap to be used by the school and the local community.

We believe school gardens everywhere could do more to inspire children and the wider community about how things grow. The thrill and happiness plants and gardens can bring, is something many of us only discover later in life, if at all.

With Sow & Share, we are creating a school and community space for practical gardening workshops, seating up to 20 people. Bordered by four raised beds, it will be used in conjunction with a refurbished school poly tunnel. The idea is to help people of any age and ability learn about gardening. In school we support the teachers each week in their nature-related classwork. After school, at weekends and during the holidays, we hold low cost classes for anyone to attend, that are hands-on, social and fun. No previous gardening experience necessary!

School classes started in the spring term and weekly family sessions start this Saturday (10am - noon) with 'Ready, Steady, Veg!'

Please contact Coralie of Sow & Share to learn more about the Baltonsborough classes or me to find out about creating a Sow & Share garden at your school. We design and build the garden and provide all the support and teaching materials you need to make Sow & Share happen in your community.

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  1. Grower


    Very excited about our first Family Session this weekend!

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