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Tree fern damage

Tree fern seems to have been damaged in recent frosts. Usually there would be a fistful of hairy knuckles but this year I only see two small fronds....will this recover?

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  1. Grower

    Andy J

    Hi Raztus, If the fronds you can see are firm to the touch, then all is not lost. The usual sign of frost damage is mushy soft fronds. If none are mushy, then frost probably isn't the issue. As imported tree ferns get older, the growing crown sinks a bit lower among the old frond bases, so its not uncommon to see one or two crosiers pushing through first, and more may follow over the next few weeks.

    Another reason for tree ferns failing to make much leaf is a lack of water/nutrition in the previous year. It puts them into a slow decline, but can be rectified. In general, success with tree ferns (or at least with Dicksonia) comes down to siting them in the best possible position in the garden to start with, and then making sure that the crown stays moist. Unfortunately the 'growing instructions' provided at point of sale are often woefully inadequate, or just plain wrong.

  2. Grower


    Oh excellent, this gives me hope - I will check the fronds tonight. After 7 years of no problems, this was the first year that I had put fleece over it. When I removed the fleece I was concerned that it hadn't got enough water over the winter period. I am now watering daily! Chicken manure/pellets have been recommended by a mate.

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