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My summer flowering Hellebore

  • My summer flowering Hellebore
  • My summer flowering Hellebore
  • My summer flowering Hellebore
  • My summer flowering Hellebore
  • My summer flowering Hellebore
  • My summer flowering Hellebore
  • My summer flowering Hellebore

Now that we are in the middle of July I thought I would show off my favourite hellebore. Nope, I haven’t got the seasons mixed up, and yes, all the photos are taken in the summer, some were taken today, some last July/August and some during August 2012.

You see, I have a gem of a hellebore, it flowers every summer! Have you got one of those? This winter, my hellebores started flowering very early, due to the lack of frost, I actually had one in full flower already in December. And from December and onwards they all came in to flower and it was all finished by mid April – although I kept some of the flowers so they could develop seeds and the last seedpods opened in late May, and then that was it. All I can see now is a sea of hellebore leaves at the bottom corner of my garden.

But between some of the big leaves, one of the hellebores starts to emerge every summer instead of in the winter. If we have an early spring and a good summer like this year, it emerges in June and flowers in July - in later summers it’s more into August. It is the same hellebore that emerges every summer, a bright pink one, and I don’t have any other pink hellebores so in the winter/early spring I have none, I only see my pink hellebore in the summer!

My summer flowering hellebore has never set seed, I wait every year anxiously to see if I get any seed, but so far there has been absolutely none. To be honest, I don’t really know exactly what’s pollinating my hellebores in the winter, as there isn’t much insects around in January and February, even in my warm London garden. But there must be some of the right kind as I have loads of seeds from all my winter flowering hellebores every year. But not from my summer flowering, so perhaps the right pollinators are not around in July and August, are they on holiday? Or perhaps busy pollinating other plants? This year I have decided to try my luck hand pollinating, but since I have only one plant I am not sure it will work – a second summer flowering hellebore would have been nice but I’ve only got one. So fingers crossed, maybe I get some seeds this year, maybe the seeds grow into plants, maybe the plants inherit the mother plant’s properties and become summer flowering hellebores some oh, 4-5 years from now. And perhaps there is a market for summer flowering hellebores and someone will want to buy my plants....and I could get rich!
Ah….one can always dream :-)

Comments (13)

  1. Grower


    Hello Helene your helebore is so pretty

  2. Grower


    Amazing to be in bloom in July.

  3. Grower

    Helene U Taylor

    Thanks, it is kind of a treat to have it flowering every summer – as well as all of the others during the winter :-)

  4. Grower

    Will DB

    Why not look into getting Plant Breeders Rights? Maybe there'd be a market for such a plant. It could always be reproduced vegetatively.

  5. Grower

    Helene U Taylor

    I have no idea if subsequent plants will inherit the summer flowering properties, so far I can’t even get it to set seeds so I think I will just enjoy my rarity and dream of future possibilities :-)

  6. Grower

    Jessy Beth Edgar

    I know this post is from ages ago but I got here as one of my Hellebores has started flowering... I got them because they flowered in the winter. Very confused. What happened with yours in the end?

  7. Grower

    Helene U Taylor

    Hello! Mine keeps flowering every summer, but doesn't set seed - I suppose that since it is so terribly out of season, the usual pollinators won't visit - they are otherwise engaged! Just treasure yours as the unusual plant its is, it will probably flower again in the winter :-)

  8. Grower

    Rachel Carpenter

    This photo was taken today 11th July been in flower for 2 weeks was totally amazed when I first seen it

    • My summer flowering Hellebore
  9. Grower

    Helene U Taylor

    Summer flowering hellebores are gems - perhaps not that unusual, but very welcome :-)

  10. Grower


    I have a lot of winter/spring-flowering Hellebores in my garden, and one double which has just burst into flower for the second time this year.

  11. Grower

    Suzette Booth

    I don’t understand it. I bought two hellebores for my new garden, a large pale one and a small deep purple one. Both flowering at the time - March - but near the end. Suddenly the deep purple one has thrown out huge deep pink - very definitely pink - blooms. They are almost double and massive. What the hell is that?

  12. Grower

    Helene U Taylor

    Well, now that you have landed here, you probably already know 😉
    Summer flowering hellebores are not standard - but not that unusual either. Look at it as a treat, an extra bonus 😊

  13. Grower


    Half of my hellebores are flowering too. I thought it was down to climate change.

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