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Mistaken identity

Salvia flava, as we have found at sales, is usually mislabelled as bulleyana. The flowers are quite different. Bulleyana is a purple flower, flava is yellow with a purple lip.

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  1. Grower

    The GPS Team

    Indeed - seems we are not alone with this error. This is Wikipedia on the subject: "S. bulleyana is closely related to and commonly mistaken for another Yunnan Salvia, Salvia flava. In Great Britain and the U.S. nursery trade, S. flava is often sold as S. bulleyana. The flowers of S. bulleyana are purple-blue with no spotting, while S. flava has yellow to yellow-brown flowers with a purple spot on the lower lip." And if you do a Google image search for S. bulleyana, almost all you see is yellow flowers with a purple lip. We'll make amends. Thanks Marie for pointing this out.

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