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Flowering out of season...

  • Flowering out of season...
  • Flowering out of season...

What a weird year this is being.

Four bouts of snow and frost, two of them rather late in the spring: then the Beast from the East which blew most of the blossom off the trees, ruining the fruit harvest for a lot of us (if you have very few apples, pears or plums this year, you are not alone!) then we had two months of scorchio, with no rain (in some parts, mine in particular) for 58 consecutive days.

And now we're back to “normal” summer in Britain, ie it rained for two days out of five last week, the forecast is cool and cloudy (which I secretly describe as my perfect gardening conditions) for the next fortnight, and yesterday I went out to work in a fleece. A fleece! After two months of it being too-hot-to-work-but-I-have-bills-to-pay-so-I-must.

So how are our plants responding?

Answer, total confusion.

My Kerria, that well-known early spring flowering shrub, is in full bloom today.

A fellow gardener sent me a picture of their Wisteria the other day, which was flowering again.

My courgettes, which are normally romping all over the garden by now, are still less than a foot high, and have only produced one flower so far.

Even the tomatoes in the greenhouse are nowhere near the roof yet, and normally by late August I'm having to chop bits off them or bend them sideways.

And then there's a decorative Holly tree in one of “my” gardens: I've spent the last month clearing up fallen leaves, which makes a mockery of the whole “evergreen” thing, and also reminds me to discourage Clients from attempting to plant underneath trees with prickly leaves...

All in all, it's being a funny year: what about you? What flowers have you found, flowering out of season this year? It would be interesting to make a list of them!

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