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Bark damage

I've just managed to remove some bark from a young (no more than 5 years old) apple tree by strimming too near to it. Only a couple of square cm has been removed - should I apply something to help it heal or should I just leave it?

Comments (2)

  1. Grower

    Rachel the Gardener

    Richard, it's generally recommended these days to leave wounds open to dry, rather than trying to heal/seal them. Apparently people always used to put thick tarry stuff on a wound (from pruning, or from damage) but that can seal in the bacteria, which then makes a bad rotting wound.

    So my best advice would be to just leave it open to dry: if the edges of the damaged area are very ragged, you could help the tree by trimming them off with a very sharp knife, as clean wounds heal best: and you could help the tree by watering it (trying to keep the damaged trunk dry) and feeding it.

    You could further help the tree by clearing the grass from a space around the base of the trunk. This is because grass is greedy stuff, and most fruit trees don't like the competition - and it also avoids the strimming problem!

  2. Grower

    Richard Holland

    Thanks Rachel - that's very helpful.

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