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plant identification

  • plant identification

please could anyone identify this plant . it has flowered most of the year and doubled in size, i have deaded headed and it just keeps coming back, stunning colour . it has been so rewarding.

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  1. Grower

    Rachel the Gardener

    Looks like Gaillardia to me, Shelley - specifically, 'fanfare'

    They're described as a short-lived perennial, so it might be worth mulching it over winter, or even lifting it and potting it up, to be put somewhere frost-free so you can enjoy it again next year.

    They do set seed, but I'm not at all sure if something as "fancy" as this would come true from seed... but it's worth a try! Let a few of the flowers die, and go to seed, then keep the seeds over winter to sow next spring.

  2. Grower


    Thank you Rachel,that's it ! Gaillardia fanfare blaze. It survived last winters wet,this summers dry. I am going to have a go with the seeds as you suggested.
    It says mix 1part peat moss ( never used that before) 1 part vermiculite ,3 seeds to the pot. Well I can have a go. Thank you again.

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