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Leaf problems - Spirea Anthony Waterer

  • Leaf problems - Spirea Anthony Waterer

Does anybody know why the leaves on a recently planted Spirea Anthony Waterer are shrivelling? - see photo. While I have kept it well watered I don't think it can be because I have overwatered.

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  1. Grower

    Rachel the Gardener

    Richard, you don't say whereabouts in the country you are, but it could just be frost damage - we've had some extremely hard frosts, up until the last few days, despite day-time warmth. That, combined with a lot of wind, and being newly planted, might be the problem.

    It's also entirely possible that the plant has been protected in the shop/nursery from which you bought it: a lot of plants in the UK have been brought in from abroad, often they've been cultivated in polytunnels, and just aren't quite fully hardened off to our climate. A lot of the sheds, in particular, have semi-covered plant sales areas which are well protected from frost and cold winds - so that the plants don't get too battered before sale. But it does mean that sometimes, they are not quite up to the job of being planted outside.

    I'd suggest nipping out that damaged stem, just below the point where it starts to be obviously limp: the rest of it, hopefully, will thrive!

  2. Grower

    Richard Holland

    Thanks for your thoughts Rachel. I can'r remember whether there have been any frosts since I planted it but if there were wouldn't all the leaves be damaged instead of just a few as has happened?

  3. Grower

    Rachel the Gardener

    It always surprises me how selective frost can be - one plant get blasted, while the one next door is fine: and sometimes just a few shoots get ruined, other times the whole top of the plant looks as though someone has run a blowtorch over it.

    I might be wrong of course (!) but the past couple of weeks have been real shorts-and-t-shirt weather during the day, but very cold at night. Sometimes it's the extreme that does the damage, rather than the actual lowest low, if you see what I mean.

    If more shoots die off, then it's time to look at other possibilities - root damage, vine weevils, weedkiller overspray, etc - and do make sure you keep the receipt: if it dies completely, take it back (including the roots) and the supplier should give you a replacement or a refund.

    But hopefully, it won't get any worse!

  4. Grower

    Richard Holland

    Thanks Rachel.

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