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Eradication of a wild Buddleia "tree"

Having recently moved to my current address, this 12 to 15 feet high nuisance seems set to jeopardise my garden, having the ability to grow just about anywhere, as can be witnessed by the sprouting monsters found in any unattended building edifice.My intention is to cut down the intruder and poison the roots through the remaining stump. However I am concerned that further propagation might occur and spread accordingly. Any advice please on how best to totally eradicate the problematic intruder?

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  1. Grower

    Amanda CW

    I agree Buddleia can be a real menace - though they are of course great for butterflies. Seems chopping down large trees, then totally digging out (difficult) or killing the stump is recommended. De-seeding the flowers after they flower also stops the spread. Thought you'd be interested in this BBC article about British Rail, who have more than their fair share of the problem! By coincidence I was watching Grand Designs last night and a Buddleia totally dislodged a huge brick arch 30 metres up a water tower!

  2. Grower

    Ron Phillips

    Many thanks Ananda for your advice. I note your remark about the attraction to butterflies regards the Buddleia; I have now completed the eradication but have retained 3 pots of "controlled" Bud' inherited from the previous (late) property owner. Hopefully this will maintain butterfly visits and are limited, by pot size to about 2 ft in height and are still looking and smelling pretty good. Is there anything I ought to know regards the potted version with regards to preventing further propagation via these pots?

  3. Grower

    Thoma Stone MCIHort

    remove the old flower heads after they have finished is the best way to stop them spreading again

  4. Grower

    Ron Phillips

    Many thanks for your advice, I have now cut down the Budd, fed some stump killer into the remaining base; hope this does the trick.great to know there is some help & advice out there.

  5. Grower

    Ron Phillips

    Just occurred to me that the now prostrate Budd (out of view and on a spare piece of ground) might STILL be able to scatter it's seed. Is this so, or do you think the now -dead is incapable of re-seeding itself?

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