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Pot sizes

When a pot size is shown as : 2L, 3L etc. what are the dimensions in inches and what is each pot size most suitable for?

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  1. Grower

    The GPS Team

    Hi Ron - Like most other sites these days we took the decision to use metric measurements.

    However, we have a handy pot size calculator on the List your plants form. Using this you can simply take a tape measure to your pot, enter the depth and width (as shown on the form) and it will tell you the litre size of your pot.

    Most pots these days also have the litre pot size stamped on the base of the pot.

    As a general rule of thumb old 9 inch pots are about 0.5 litre.

    By the way, you'll need to create your Grower page before you start listing plants for swap or sale, as we need your published page to place them on once listed.

    Hope that's a help.

  2. Grower

    Stafford Lake Nursery

    Pots are generally standard in relative dimensions, although roses and climbers are usually in a deeper pot, because of the root shape in roses and to stabilise the cane in climbers, and broader pots are sometimes used for bushy shrubs such as Rhododendrons, which have a broad fibrous root system. The Italians tend to use a narrower pot, I suspect as it is a help for transport, and these would be watered on a drip system as not enough from an overhead system would get into them. As for the correct size to use, it really depends on the size and growth rate of the plant to be potted.

  3. Grower

    Ron Phillips

    Many thanks for your explanation; I'm very new to the "club" and am still finding my way around, good to know that help & advice are available

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