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Growing fruits and veg - Indoors, naturally (as much as possible anyway)!

Hi everyone,

I'm pretty new to Green Plant Swap but I am so happy to have found this place! I thought I'd start contributing by encouraging discussion about indoor gardening - more specifically growing fruit and vegetables - and, without all the specialised equipment (grow lights, humidifiers, etc.)

I'm really keen to try and grow with what nature is giving us - taking advantage and working with what we have.

I've heard that alpine strawberries and figs could do well indoors as long as there is at least 6 hours of sunlight by a window. I have a Brown Turkey Fig that has lived in a garden all its life but I've now moved into a 2nd floor apartment - I'm going to see how well (or not) my fig does here...

Does anyone have any experience or is interested in this too?

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