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Lonicera nitida hedge planted

  • Lonicera nitida hedge planted

I planted a Lonicera Nitida ('box honeysuckle) hedge today - 15 bare root plants at 30cm centres along the boundary of the terrace that is half way up the garden. The wind comes straight in off the Forth, and the hedge is intended to provide a bit of wind screening, as well as help mark the division between what I call the "lower" and "upper" gardens. They are scrawny little things at the moment, but I gather they grow fairly quickly.

Edinburgh gardener Nicola Ferguson, in her excellent "Take Two Plants", has a few interesting pairing recommendations. I like the idea of soft yellow tulip "Jewel of Spring, or growing claret/white clematis 'Kermesina' through it.

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  1. Grower

    Jim Edwards

    Very vigorous, fast growing and takes well to simple hedge cutters. However that is close proximity planting, they do dry the ground out a lot so will not take kindly to clematis growing through. Because of the close proximity I assume you are trying to create a low growing tight knit hedge, another reason for not growing climbers through. They will need lots of water. They will smother tulips if you thinking of a bit of colour at the front, I would suggest Vinca Minor Aureovariegata, periwinkle, looking at the position the flowers and variegated leaves will trail over. I grow poor man,s box here and like to mix alternately in the hedge green and gold. Bagessens gold my favourite. Hope this helps Jim

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