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Succulents for Sale - Sempervivum Sprite

  • Succulents for Sale - Sempervivum Sprite

Sempervivum Sprite
Sempervivum means ‘always alive’ – a reference to the fact that houseleeks tolerate extreme temperatures and drought. The hardiness of sempervivums makes them excellent, easy-to-grow garden plants. They can also be grown inside in pots on a sunny window ledge.
Sempervivums are most valued for their distinctive rosettes of succulent, spirally patterned foliage, although they also bear attractive flowers from spring to summer. Each rosette is a separate plant, and is monocarpic – it flowers once and then dies, but may grow for many years before flowering. However, it is soon replaced by other new rosettes, called offsets. These offsets can be separated and planted up, and will then grow into new clumps.
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