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Autumn, or should I say Fall

After the long dry Summer, and with temperatures dropping, a fine Autumn display is developing. So I thought I'd share a few sentences on the subject from 'The Opinionated Gardener' by Geoffrey Charlesworth, who kept a New England garden.

'As October begins, Nature's most remarkable metamorphosis is unfolding in the airspace above the garden. No floral relics of the first frosts can compete with the sumptuous display of the trees. The whisper becomes increasingly noisy as the first crisp leaves gently release their hold and flutter down. One day near mid-month there will be a strong North wind, and suddenly the sky will be blue and the ground gold. The new light changes every aspect of the garden. The effect is as total as the departure of the snow. The garden moves towards dormancy, and we have the same mixture of sadness and relief as when a well-loved guest leaves. We tidy up, reflect on the pleasure of the encounter, look forward to another reunion, but most of all we enjoy the termination of responsibility."


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