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Update: Indoor fig trees

So back in February, I showed you my figs that I am trying to grow indoors now that I live in a flat as I love the look of the tree as an ornamental but also would love to have its fruit - greedy, I know!

Anyway, I pinched the trees as they were getting to 6 or 7 leaves and I wanted to promote fruiting. Its been about 3 weeks since I pinched the tree and wanted to show you what's happening. Take a look at the photos - you can see that the buds that form between the branch and the leaves are developing. One of the two buds is the figs that are starting to develop.

I've also started growing some greens indoors - leaf lettuce (see photo), spring onions, kale, broccoli (to be harvested young)... My goal is to grow my salad ingredients so I don't have to rely on over-packaged, non-local good from stores. I love the idea of just harvesting what I need when I need it.

So I'll post an update on that once they are looking a little more interesting!

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