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Pyracantha Watereri - where can I buy them?

  • Pyracantha Watereri - where can I buy them?

I have been looking for a while now to try to find a couple of Pyracantha Watereri plants to buy but I haven't been able to find any supplier with any to sell. I want to use them as a screen by training them as espalier and I don't want any thorns. This is the only variety that I've read about that is thornless. Any help gratefully appreciated.

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  1. Grower

    Angie's Garden

    RHS have one supplier listed, if that's any help.

  2. Grower


    Thanks for your help. I've been on their site but they haven't got any Pyracantha Watereri listed.

  3. Grower

    Helene U Taylor

    Hi Bill, I did a search for you and found a supplier in Leicester, Coles Nurseries:
    They do have Pyracantha Watereri on their product list, but funnily enough, they require you to register as a customer, with full address and everything, before you can access plant details! I have never seen that online before.
    However, you can download their stock availability, and on that list it says they have (as of 3rd November), 247 of Pyracantha Watereri 30/40 cm C2 and 150 of Pyracantha Watereri 30/40 cm C3 – not sure what the C2 and C3 stands for, anyway – plenty in stock :-)
    Hope you get your Pyracanthas, good luck!

  4. Grower

    Helene U Taylor

    Oh, just forgot the other link, they also have a garden centre:
    But it doesn’t look like the garden centre sell online, so your best bet is to ask if you can buy directly from the nursery. Alternatively, the nursery might sell their plants to companies that sell online where you could buy from – just ask :-)

  5. Grower


    Thanks Helene, The nursery will only sell to a business but I've emailed the garden centre to ask of they will sell them to me. There are lots of references to this plant on line but no one seems to stock it. I would have thought a thornless variety would have been a big seller. Thanks again.

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