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Isotoma Starshine Blue

  • Isotoma Starshine Blue

If you can find this plant anywhere I really recommend giving it a go, it has the most wonderful pale Blue/Lilac star shaped delicate flowers on very fine foliage & flowers non stop from late May & has just stopped now (mid November East Scotland), I think only an Elephant (African) stomping on it could kill this off!. I purchased it in a bargain basement (near dead ) mixed summer bedding pot, the plants had obviously not seen water since being planted (the usual care given in my local B & Q ) the Terracotta pot was worth more than the 50p so I bought it, emptied the lot into a basin of tepid water & left overnight, next morning I potted up the best of the casulties & within a week the Isotoma was putting on a wonderful display, I will definitely be planting a few of these next year

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