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What comes next?

We have recently got an allotment and am starting from scratch really so may not be able to offer much this year but would love to gain tips and advice from you all. We managed to clear the many years growth last year and did grow some potatoes and plant some fruit trees but that is far as we got. The soil is clay so not really sure what to buy or where to start next although climbers etc for fences would be good to try to gain a little privacy. I am a mum and so far the kids have been very involved and gobbled the homegrown potatoes so I am also hoping this will encourage them to learn and eat healthier :)


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  1. Grower


    Im sure it will encourage the kid's. I would sow a few easy annual flowers to. It may be worth while planting strawberries. A favourite of mine is the Cambridge strawberry and we have had very good results in heavy clay once the soil had been tooled and worked in with organic matter.

  2. Grower


    Thank you we have access to lots of manure etc as other owners have horses and are very happy to offload some lol. Thank you for the advice apparently kids love the strawberry idea and are now debating what they can eat with them... Not sure they realise they won't appear next week

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