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Help! A very big fir tree is towering over our house. What should we do?

  • Help! A very big fir tree is towering over our house. What should we do?
  • Help! A very big fir tree is towering over our house. What should we do?

I rather like it as a tree. it's a great colour. But can anyone tell me what it is and how much bigger it will get? It's about 14m high now. Plus is there any way to reduce its size without it looking like one of those horrible decapitated leylandii? Is there also a risk to the house from the roots? The tree is 2 metres from the foundations of our house and we are on clay soil. I fear we may have to remove it altogether.

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  1. Grower

    Amanda CW

    Oh my! That is a big one. We too have some large firs and I too look forward to hearing what people have to say.

  2. Grower

    Geoff Hodge

    Andy, it looks like a variety of Cupressus macrocarpa to me, possibly Goldcrest. You can take the tip out, removing it below the current level of foliage, but this will only encourage further re-growth - both upwards and outwards!
    As for foundations, this is very difficult to give advice from a distance. I’m sure you can understand that it is a serious topic, which you should consult a chartered surveyor or similar about if you are at all worried. Problems with plant roots and foundations/subsidence very much depend on the quality of the foundations (often more of a problem with older properties; new houses usually have much better foundations) and the soil - clay soils are the worse because they expand when wet in winter and contract when dry in summer and this movement over many years can impact on the foundations; plants make this movement more pronounced, their roots drying out the soil even further in summer. However, to complicate the matter even further, removing the tree could also have implications!

  3. Grower

    Andy R

    Thanks very much for the advice Geoff, I will have to have a good think about it and, like you say, consult a surveyor if I decide to remove the tree altogether. I am however pleased to have a name to go with my very large tree!!

  4. Grower

    Jeremy Wright

    I actually think it is C. macrocarpa 'Lutea' which reaches the size of your tree when mature and has very similar needle-like leaves.

  5. Grower

    Six Brothers

    Do you have a Christmas Tree each year? I would be tempted to save myself the £50 one has to fork out for the tradition Christmas tree and decorate this one. It looks like it could support some pretty impressive colour balls and a massive fairy on the top....

  6. Grower

    Andy R

    I hope you are not referring to my wife?!!

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