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Swapping really works

I have recently swapped my cactus for some perennials and was very pleased, as I was only on this website for a couple of days and the person I swapped with had only been on here for a week. So it does work.

I have met some lovely people in the process too. Thank you to those people who I have been in contact with. I have found other people who I will be buying from in the near future, in my area within reasonable distance.

Big thank you to GreenPlantSwap for creating this website.

Comments (8)

  1. Grower

    Jim Loder

    Glad you liked my stuff Liz. Cheers.

  2. Grower


    Hope you are pleased with the cactus and have named them all by now?

  3. Grower

    The GPS Team

    We're delighted it's worked well for you both. For some it's a bit of a leap of faith - we're all so used to having to pay for things.

    But the fact is there are 24+ million gardens across the UK with plants that can be easily swapped, particularly on a local basis.

    You can meet new people, get interesting new plants and have a more rewarding garden. That's our aim.

  4. Grower


    Thank you GPS Team. I don't mind paying a small price, I can't bring myself to ask for freebies. I want to have a collection of ferns, hostas, tall grasses, auriculas and hardy geraniums.

  5. Grower


    Hello to all you fellow gardeners. I am so pleased with the way its all work out, now that I have got to know people on Green Plant Swap.
    I have swapped plants with Jim Loden and met his lovely family, I have been introduced to plants that I never thought would interest me, eg Auriculas,bamboo, monarda etc, just through swapping. It gives me more interest
    A big thank you to Nadine also for swapping plants with me. It's been a great experience meeting you and thank you for coming over to my house.
    I have been getting advice from Darren too about my Acer plants. I don't mind buying plants or swapping.
    I am looking for Auriculas & Hostas & anything different, (at reasonable prices) please or swap for montbretia, hardy geranium or sedum. I love most plants, so anything will do, except for veryv big plants, this garden Iis too small, very tempted to dig up the lawn and replace it with perenials and shrubs.

  6. Grower


    Sounds great Liz! I love swapping too!! Hope acers and Hostas are doing well?

    I would have dug my lawn up long ago!! To many exciting plants out there!!

    Happy gardening!

  7. Grower


    Thank you Darren for your comments. Since swapping with Jim Loden I have several plants I probably wouldn't habe bought. It makes a nice change to have something different in the garden.
    Hostas are in pots, a couple of them already have holes in. Acers are doing well, if I don't look at them they'll be alright! They are in a sheltered position, I am very pleased they are surving. Swapping is more economical,. What are you looking for?

  8. Grower


    I have a little list in my wish list. I will take a look at your profile :)

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