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Avoid 'Akebia quinata'

This is a lovely looking plant but it's the up-market equivalent of 'Polygonum baldschuanicum' (Russian Vine, 'Mile a Minute plant'). It's semi-evergreen, has nice leaves and flowers and crushes anything in its path. In the growing season I had to unwrap it from around my other plants as its multiple tendrils are like rope strangling everything as it grows. If you need quick coverage and there's not much else around, go for it but be warned. It's now taken me three years to get rid of it as it keeps popping up … not any more … I hope!

Comments (1)

  1. Grower

    Geoff Hodge

    Chris, love your description - and I know what you mean. Mine took a couple of years to get going - but now it goes everywhere if I don't give it a good butchering after flowering.

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