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Asarum splendens

  • Asarum splendens
  • Asarum splendens

Chinese/Tibetan in origin this clump forming perennial is tough, unusual and ideally suited to shady woodlands. It has foliage not unlike a Cyclamen and some of the most unusual flowers I have seen outside the Stapelia genus. They are brown and form at the base of the leaves in spring. Easily divided and evergreen in sheltered locations a true collector's plant.

Comments (3)

  1. Grower


    A great looking plant, looked like Asarum europeum that I grow but with slightly larger flowers. I love the leaves and the unusual growth etc. Maybe if they both grow well we can swap?

  2. Grower

    Jim Loder

    For sure, its growing in a pot so will try and lift a piece of rhizome from the sides and pot it on. Probably be decent size by the Autumn, I shall get back to you cheers.

  3. Grower


    No worries at all. I bought mine last year so needs a little growing on but will let you know it seems to be growing steady.

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