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RHS Malvern Spring Flower Show 2015

I am pleased to have visited a different flower show, I have previously visited my local show - RHS Tatton and wanted to try the spring show to see how they differ with an earlier season.

I found the show to be somewhat smaller that Tatton with some great advantages. There are real toilets, there are not just tents but also buildings where things are displayed, however the most appealing to myself was the variety of nurseries and stalls that do not come up north to Tatton.

Unfortunately I did not buy any hostas, I did find some that I will be purchasing at Tatton, but I did buy a surperb Canna Pretoria that I have been after for some time, a Zantedeschia Starry Night and a variety of unusual bulbs to include Arisaemas, Hedychiums and Chasmanthe.

If you have never been to a show, I would recommend visiting for the whole day to make the most of it. I always take a picnic and head to the car for some 'relaxing time' before heading back in to the hustle and bustle.

Don't forget that there are always local open gardens and NGS which also inspire with the option of buying new plants and some at bargain prices!

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  1. Grower

    Amanda CW

    That's useful advice Darren. I've not been to the big shows and was thinking of going to Hampton Court this year. I found the videos on the RHS site give a good sense of what they're like

  2. Grower


    I really enjoy Tatton but am biased as is very local. I used to go every year but it lost the excitement so am trying new one as they are at different times of the year. I haven't been to Tatton in a while so visiting against this year :)

  3. Grower

    Stafford Lake Nursery

    You should try my Hostas Darren, they are stronger than most sold at the shows, and they are purely English plants, not the Dutch/Chinese ones that are 95% of those sold on the show circuit.

  4. Grower


    I may do. You are very reasonably priced. Though I have some that I am looking for which you do not have.

  5. Grower

    Stafford Lake Nursery

    Might be worth asking me, I have quite a bit not listed on my site. The main thing to be careful with when buying Hostas at the moment is virus, there is a lot about, including from some of the most respected growers. It is endemic in Holland, pretty much everyone there has some. which means that retail nurseries here who buy from them have it too. I know, I've seen it, and I used to contract grow for one of them so I've seen where their stock comes from and how dodgy some of it is. Which is why we have no Hosta imports at the nursery here, and I often build up stock from single plants that I get from trusted enthusiasts rather than commercial growers. Unfortunately most commercial nurseries in the UK don't understand the virus problem, and you see it in most garden centres, as big general uk nurseries just buy the stuff in dormant and ship it out when it starts to grow, without even realising that they are sending out diseased plants. Often wrongly named as well. They don't care, the Dutch, pretty ruthless in business. I've traded with them on other lines a lot over the years and you have to be pretty sharp with them, as they are always trying it on!

  6. Grower


    I have been collecting and buying hostas for over 20 years, I hear that the X virus has been an issue of late.

    I will let you know, thank you for the advice.

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