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Plant swapping

Plant swapping is definitely the way forward, I am pleased to say that with the help of social media and internet sites it is becoming easier than ever to connect to like minded people.

Recently I am pleased to say that I have swapped plants that I never thought I would find locally and given equally interesting plants in return.

I hope that we do also speak to friends and neighbours and swap in the old fashioned way, community bond, however we no longer need to stop there! Sites like this one allow us to look further, make new friends and broaden our collections and love of plants.

I always recommend this site and other sites and pages like Facebook, Freecycle and the like and encourage others to join and use these sites. After all how many of us have too many Geraniums after we split them? Crocosmia spread a little too much? Please don't throw these away but keep to swap!

Thank you for reading.


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  1. Grower

    Amanda CW

    I'm with you Darren. Plants naturally multiply and are so easy to give or swap through a site like this.

    I sense, however, that people maybe reluctant to make the first contact to other gardeners near them. Because they are not paying, they think, will it be awkward? Does a reserve for which our nation is famous hold them back?

    In my experience other members of GreenPlantSwap have been nothing but lovely and generous. There are thousands of plants offered on this site and each person who overcomes the 'shy' obstacle helps make the swapping happen.

    It's worth remembering too that those who create a grower page and offer plants have done so because they are happy to be seen and contacted.

    Once you've done a successful swap or two, it's easy to get bitten by the bug! Not only can you find new interesting plants, but you can make great new friends with shared interests in the process.

  2. Grower


    You've hit the nail on the head!! I have been swapping loads lately!! Also got some great bargains from NGS visits :)

  3. Grower


    I agree with you both. Sorry Darren I haven't looked at Green Plant Swap for a few weeks and didn't know you changed your profille. Thank you for prompting me. I hope you don't mind me asking, what is NGS?

  4. Grower


    National Garden Scheme people open their gardens and monies go to charity.

  5. Grower


    Thank you Darren for your message. I like the geranium Palmatum I havent got that one. I have just bought a few from Bamford. I have a geranium I could swap with you if you want to have a look or I could bring it to you. Unfortunately I don't know its name. It has pink flowers and if you touch it, it has a fragrant smell like apples, or something like. I haven't got any in pots but you can dig some up, the reason Im saying that is, when I try to dig it up it falls apart the root is still there, but it's a bit disappointing when that happens.

  6. Grower


    Thanks. Will sort soon.

  7. Grower


    Hi Darren would you like to swap a plant or two from my garden? I still have the geranium I told you about last year, sedum, or bamboo.

  8. Grower


    Hey Liz

    Sorry for the late reply. I have just moved and been busy packing etc.

    Sadly I have moved to a yard and space and design is limited.

    You are more than welcome to have a G Palmatum.


  9. Grower


    Hi Darren, That's alright, I've been quite busy since I wrote to you.

    I hope you are happy in your new home. Are you in the same area?

    Iwill be away for a few days and will arrange with you when I get back home, if that's okay with you?

    I would love some of the G Palatum and thank you for the offer.

    I have been dividing plants and gave lots away. In particular, geranium, it has a sweet smell to it when you touch the leaves. I don't know what it's called, one of the first plants I bought 30 years ago.

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