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Hazel Grove Gardening Club

I'm a member of Hazel Grove Gardening Club.
We meet on the 3rd Monday of the month, at St Peters Church Parish Centre, 16 Green Lane, Stockport, SK7 4EA.
You will be made very welcome.
The next meeting is on the 15th of June, and the talk is 'Scented Plants for Every Season' plants will be for sale also

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  1. Grower

    The GPS Team

    Hi Ian - great to see you use Talk Gardening to tell people about your Gardening Club. An alert will have gone out to GreenPlantSwap members within 10 miles of you.

    You can also create a separate Grower page, if you wish, for the Club. Just sign up with a different email address and create the Grower page, then ask your members to sign up free to GreenPlantSwap and click the 'Follow Grower' button on the Club Grower page.

    They will then get alerts/notifications whenever you post about Club events.

    You can also put a calendar of those events, address details etc. (or whatever you wish) on the page.

    You can edit the Grower page at any time.

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