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Hey I'm Sandra and I'm a plantaholic

  • Hey I'm Sandra and I'm a plantaholic
  • Hey I'm Sandra and I'm a plantaholic
  • Hey I'm Sandra and I'm a plantaholic
  • Hey I'm Sandra and I'm a plantaholic
  • Hey I'm Sandra and I'm a plantaholic
  • Hey I'm Sandra and I'm a plantaholic
  • Hey I'm Sandra and I'm a plantaholic

Hey I'm Sandra and I'm a plantaholic.
There I have said it.....
It all started 20 years ago when I moved to the west coast of Pembrokeshire.
My garden faces south west and is ravaged by the salt laden winds off the Irish sea. To combat this I have had to find plants that can cope with this. Many hedges and trees have been planted to give us shelter belts to protect us and more delicate plants from the extreme weather we get here in the winter months. Mostly the hedges came from cuttings and have taken a long time to establish themselves but now we have more sheltered spaces to enjoy. During the process of taking control of such a big space I discovered the joy of growing things from seed and cuttings and now run a small nursery which allows me to fuel my biggest passion is for succulents I just love their different shapes and textures. I love sharing pics with other gardeners and learning more about gardening.
Hope you enjoy my pics..:-)

Comments (9)

  1. Grower

    Jeremy Wright

    Hi Sandra. Welcome. I am sure you will be the first of many to make the confession! Thanks also for sharing the challenges of your location. The succulents are fab and I particularly love the stepped hedge with Monkey tree and palms.

  2. Grower

    Kathy Peck

    Hi Sandra, I like your hedge too, very original :-) and lovely succulents. Fabulous scenery and not a house in sight!!!

  3. Grower

    Corseside nursery

    thank you...the monkey puzzle is our pride and joy Jeremy...bought it years ago about 6 inches high. It seems to laugh at the wind which is such a bonus living here.

    Kathy its my first go at shaping a hedge, I do get a bit OCD when I cut it. It's lonicera nitida...great one for cutting and shaping.

  4. Grower

    Helene U Taylor

    Hello Sandra plantaholic, nice to meet you, I am a plantaholic too – and if I had room in my garden I would probably have run a small nursery too, but with my postage stamp garden I really haven’t got room for more pots - although at the moment I have more than 300 pots from the largest container to the smallest cuttings so I suppose it might look a bit like a nursery here!
    Loved your monkey puzzle, I would really like to have one in my own garden but I know how big they get!

  5. Grower

    Corseside nursery

    Helene I have just had a peek at your garden...its the archway and the path..I can see you love your addiction too...:-)

  6. Grower

    Kathy Peck

    The monkey puzzle has done well!!!, just reminded me of one next door to a hotel we stay in sometimes in York they have a toy monkey attached to the trunk :-) and at Christmas a rhyme underneath just wish I could remember it???
    Aaah wondered what your hedge was,much better than box :-)

  7. Grower

    Kathy Peck

    I had a look at your garden too Helene WOW!!!

  8. Grower

    Helene U Taylor

    Thanks Kathy and Sandra, my London garden is absolutely tiny but I have crammed as much as I can into it – and I still keep putting new plants into it!
    I looked at your photos Kathy, half an acre garden with pond and small wood…sigh, I could kill for something like that! I am also interested in woodland plants and daylilies, although my collection is not as vast as yours :-)
    And you Sandra doesn’t say the size of your garden but I guess you have ample space and wonderful views!

    If you want to see more photos (and videos) from my garden you can check out my garden blog:

  9. Grower

    Corseside nursery

    Helene I have 1 1/2 acres to look after but i do get some help now and then off my kids and hubby.but i love nothing better than a a bit of gardening...most of my time is spent working on the nursery which take sup about half the garden. I will check out your blog later..
    Kathy the bright green hedge is griselinia great in the salt winds only needs cutting once a year... the step hedge is lonicera nitidia which need cutting more often but that is why it is good for shaping.

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