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Mexican foxflowers

I bought a couple of 'Mexican foxflowers' a month ago (because they were reduced, and I felt sorry for them), and have planted one in partial shade and sheltered.

It is about 2 foot high (in old money) and now flowering happily (towards the end of October) with purple, trumpet-like flowers. I have read that it could be an evergreen shrub, or herbaceous, or not frost hardy.

Any ideas?

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  1. Grower

    Jeremy Wright

    Hello Anthea. Tetranemas, or Mexican foxgloves, are really indoor plants in the UK as they are not frost hardy and need temperatures above 10-15C or higher to maintain active growth. Their big attraction is that in those conditions, and with high enough light levels, they are 'ever bloomers' and are little trouble. They prefer a slightly moist atmosphere and are thus better suited to a kitchen or bathroom or, if you have one, a terararium.

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