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Ribes Sanguineum Elkington's White

  • Ribes Sanguineum Elkington's White
  • Ribes Sanguineum Elkington's White

Here are some photos of Ribes Sanguineum (flowering currants) - King Edward V11 and Elkington's White

Comments (3)

  1. Grower

    Good Earth Gardens

    I absolutely adore the scent of these plants! We had them in the garden of the second house my family lived in and their flowering encapsulated spring.

  2. Grower

    Gray J

    Hello I've not seen white ribes before that I can recall, they sound very interesting. WOW! ,just looked through your photos thanks for the pleasure and inspiration I must now sort out some pictures to put on my page, really enjoyed my visit just wish we were not so far apart, well thank you and best regards GrayJ

  3. Grower

    Jim Edwards

    Now have another strain of white currant called white icicle soon be time for cuttings fingers crossed.

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