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Peace Lily - burnt tips

  • Peace Lily - burnt tips

I live in a London flat with my Peace Lily - unfortunately the leaves are getting burnt tips, not as they grow but once they've been around for a while. The plant is about 6 months old, I am no longer providing any extra nutrients, but was when it was initially replanted - and burnt tips were happening regardless.

I water it sparingly and try to 'flush' out any mineral deposits once every two months by letting plenty of water sip through the soil.

I water it with the normal London tap water.

It sits in a North facing window with no direct sun light.

Grateful for any ideas of how I can improve the life of my Peace Lily.

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  1. Grower

    Good Earth Gardens

    Hi Sofia, the only things I can think of are, is your lily getting blasts of hot air from a radiator, or, cold droughts from the window? This time of year is tricky for houseplants with the extremes of temperature.

    The other thing is, the plant will start to droop when it needs watering (which might be more frequently than 2 months) and if you have central heating it might need a bit of misting.

    If it was my plant, I would also check whether it needs re-potting (the roots will start to show through the soil at the top). I would also check that the roots are healthy and that there aren't any vine weevil grubs or other wee beasties lurking in there..

    Another possibility is whether the tap water you are giving it has a lot of chlorine in it, which your plant might be objecting to. To get round this, you could use a carbon filter jug, or possibly collect rainwater from outside if you have access to a garden or the outside window ledge.

    Then in spring, give it another feed and remove any burnt leaves..

    I would be interested to hear how it goes, as I have some Peace Lilies too and even though I shouldn't admit it here, my track record with them hasn't always been 100% ;-)

  2. Grower

    Rachel the Gardener

    Hi Sofia,

    I agree with everything GoodEarth says - draughts are the usual problem (draughts? Droughts? Both!) with Peace Lily, and they do like quite moist air: I have found in the past that they quite enjoy sitting in the bathroom.

    Potting them up is a great idea: it's a way to refresh the compost, check for root damage and beasties, and to split up an older plant. You can replant the newer offshoots for yourself, discarding the older parts - younger offshoots are usually more vigorous and can resist the draughts - and droughts - for longer.

    If any of the leaves get really unsightly, I would snip them off, as close to the base as you can - and don't be tempted to just trim off the brown part, it doesn't work. Ask me how I know.. yes, I tried it one year, Looked dreadfu!

  3. Grower


    Very likely to be air too dry. Normal advice is to 'stand pot on tray of wet gravel' or 'mist daily'. I'm unconvinced that either of these really work given that the tropical lily will want it mostly hot and damp for its living quarters, and you probably don't. Try it in the highest humidity place you have, probably a shower/bathroom to see if that helps. It's likely to take some time to see whether the new leaves go the way of the old brown-tipped ones.

  4. Grower

    Good Earth Gardens

    Hehe I did mean draughts, sorry! :-)

  5. Grower

    Rachel the Gardener

    Bless! laughs

  6. Grower


    Thanks for all your comments. The plant is still a relatively young one, about 6 months, with no signs of it growing out of its pot.

    I have started to mist the plant with water a few times a day to make up for the dry winter air. Will let you know how it goes.

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