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Water, water, everywhere

Unfortunately York city centre suffered badly with the floods just after Christmas but our garden has not been affected too much on first assessment. We had lots of plants and lawn in some areas which for a couple of days were sitting in water which drained away fairly quickly. Hopefully no long term damage done – so much for the droughts forecast some years ago. I’m not sure I agree with the global-warming-mongers because we have always had extreme weather occasions and I personally think that we/’they’ are not paying enough attention to the maintenance of our waterways. A beck which originally ran along the bottom of our garden a few years ago was placed in an underground pipe. This pipe has not been maintained, to my knowledge, whereas previously the beck would have been regularly cleared of excess silt. Silt still builds up, whether visible or not, under or over ground and the water has to go somewhere! I’m so sorry for people who have had their homes and businesses ruined as gardens will not be their prime concern. Has anyone else been affected or suffered any damage?

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  1. Grower

    Rachel the Gardener

    Hi Linda, I'm sorry to hear that your garden has been underwater - well, partially, at any rate! - and I do hope it dries out. Down here in Oxfordshire we've missed the worst of this weather. If it's any consolation, I have photos from last year of one of my Clients' lawns looking like a paddy field for week after week, but it recovered perfectly well once the rain stopped.

    As far as climate change goes, I think the reporting of this subject would do better to remind us all that "climate is, weather may be". The climate globally is definitely changing, but that doesn't mean that our daily weather is going to directly reflect the changes.

    Water management is one of those contentious issues, isn't it! Round here, they are building new houses on fields that the locals know perfectly well will flood every winter. Where is all that water going to go? shakes head

  2. Grower


    Thank you for your encouraging words Rachel - we have been fortunate that any visible flooding hasn't lasted too long and locally we all know the water table in the York area is quite high. I'm not too worried about ourselves as we can cope ok, but other people are very badly affected and the powers-that-be are not doing enough for them. As you say, building on flood plains is ridiculous and I think it should not be allowed no matter how difficult the housing shortage might become particularly in view of the available brown field sites.
    Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it. This can be quite a contentious issue in principle and I'm sure there will be lots of differing viewpoints and opinions.

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