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Vitis vinifera purpurea cuttings or plants

  • Vitis vinifera purpurea cuttings or plants

Hi all I am looking to buy 6 of these to grow over a pergola in the garden. Does anyone have any cuttings or plants they are willing to sell? Also interested to know if anyone has had experience of growing these in cold climes such as Aberdeen!😊 I would be looking for the plants or cuttings to be delivered too if possible! Thank you

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  1. Grower

    J A Chesshyre

    Hi Dan, the vine you mention is very prone to mildew. Fungicides are available but you may have to spray on a regular basis to keep it free. Whilst mildew isnt necessarily a problem in (very) cold climates I suspect you will suffer with it where you are. Bad attacks will defoliate the plants and even if they dont, mouldy leaves dont look that great. An alternative would be a hybrid grape vine that is mildew resistant. (I guess you are not looking for grape production?) I would suggest Kempsey black - its strong growing and the foliage turns a wonderful array of reds and purples in the autumn. It has big leaves (great for culinary purposes) and it does fruit outside with big bunches of big black grapes. Birds prefer small grapes so if you are lucky enough to get them ripe you stand a chance of getting a few. I have one plant available but I could send you some cuttings as well. It roots easily in sandy compost .I think its the best outdoor vine available.

  2. Grower

    Dan Stewart

    Wow. Thank you so much for taking time to reply with with such useful advice. I am very novice in the gardening world and will certainly take your advice! I would be really interested to get some of the cuttings you mention. Would I dip these in rooting powder or micro rhizome powder? Could you advise on how we might go about arranging this? We do have a greenhouse so could start them off in there before planting out? We were just interested in the colour of the foliage more than anything else. It would be foolish to expect large harvests of grapes in Aberdeenshire!! I presume the kempsy black is hardy too? It does get cold with us! Thanks again for such wonderful advice!😊 😊

  3. Grower

    J A Chesshyre

    If you want 6 plants Its probably wise to go with 10 cuttings. Cuttings would be ~ 6 inches long so you want about the same depth of compost and stick them in up to about 1/2 their length. Hormone rooting powder will help. as will keeping them in the greenhouse so long as you keep them moist. Feed with liquid fertilizer once you see growth. I dont know if you are troubled with vine weevil but if you leave your pot submerged in water o/n that will kill any grubs. Kempsey black is hardy - critically it has thick wood which ripens easily - which is what you want thin / unripe wood will be killed off in the cold. . I havent yet pruned my Kempsey Black so I should have some nice wood from last year to work with.I charge £2 / cutting plus P& P and can go through Paypal.Let me know if these terms are acceptable.

  4. Grower

    Dan Stewart

    Hi, yes this would be superb. Would now be a good time to start them off? If you let me know the total price for ten with p and p and your PayPal details that would be great. Many thanks for all the advice!

  5. Grower

    J A Chesshyre

    Hi Dan, now is the perfect time to start them off .Keep them in the greenhouse ideally. I will send them cut fresh and kept damp. Cutting wood wants to stay moist at all times. I am vine pruning all weekend so I;ll do your cuttings , pack them and get a price for P & P from the post office. I'll charge P& P at cost. I;ll let you know the total cost / paypal details and ship when the payment has gone through.
    By the way if you are interested in chickens take a peek at our website

  6. Grower

    Dan Stewart

    That will be great thank you. We love chickens too - how did you know!! We have a few mixed breeds and some salmon faverolles which we love dearly!! (although egg production is lacking at the minute so they are all on borrowed time) We have quite a short laying season in Aberdeen. They normally stop in Sept and dont come on again until April!! I loathe buying supermarket eggs!!

  7. Grower

    Dan Stewart

    Hi J, could you advise on a compost to start the cuttings off with. Would a multi purpose compost with some sharp sand mixed in do the ţrick? We were also considering starting them off on a window sill in the house?

  8. Grower

    J A Chesshyre

    Hi Dan, any reasonable compost will do - multipurpose is fine , loam or peat based. Essential though is the extra sharp sand. Standing them out in a greenhouse will be fine - . I have never tried indoors - the advantage maybe lackof vine weevil but watch you are in good light. The cost of the cuttings will be
    Cuttings 20.00
    P and P 2.80
    Paypal charges 3.4% + 20 p =0.98
    total = £23.78
    My e-mail address is julian.chesshyre at ( for some reason I cant paste the "at" symbol here. You had better ping me an e-mail just to check the e-mail address is correct.)
    let me know if you have any problems (01954 205161) and can you give me the postal address to which you would like them to be sent please.As soon as the Paypal account registers the transaction I'll pop them in the post.

  9. Grower

    Dan Stewart

    Hi Julian I have sent you an email. Thanks Dan

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