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Hi - is there anyone growing Guava or Mango plants?

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    Mark Ramsden

    I tried growing a mango from seed last year indoors. It began to sprout and grew for about 2 months and then suddenly died. I might try again. I have a kafir lime (indoors) which I was given as an established plant and I regularly get fruit from it.

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    Hi Mark, sounds great. I grow all sorts of tropical fruits eg Avocado trees, figs, grapefruit,pomegranate,orange and Lemon trees, satsuma hot peppers and so on... If you may be interested in purchasing or swap let me know

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    Hi Joe,

    I have a Mango tree which I grew from a stone and is now three years old. They are very easy to grow from seed in my opinion, as long as they aren't waterlogged.

    I only have the one though! Not sure if that's any help!


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    Hi Ricky, thanks for you feed back mate.
    I also have tropical/exotic trees and plants. If your interested for swaps I grow Satsuma trees from seed, fig trees, pomegranate trees etc. You can check out my YouTube channel which is called London home gardening and more

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    The GPS Team

    Like your videos on YouTube Joe. Here's a link for those that are interested Joe's You Tube channel. Are others using You Tube? Should we have video on GreenPlantSwap?

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    Thanks gps team for sharing link to my videos

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    Rachel the Gardener

    Hi Joe,

    Slightly off topic from your original question, I have found many, many advacado plants growing on compost heaps - or should I say, I have found any number of advacado seeds germinating merrily. So they would seem like a good one for anyone to try.

    I also tried growing a Ginger plant from some left-over supermarket-bought ginger root, and that was moderately successful: I wrote about it here:

    As you have already been successful with quite a range of "exotic" plants, I would think you would not have any problem with Mango and Guava. Perhaps a few members will have a go now - you can compete!

    One of my PGG colleagues sent out a dozen Monkey Puzzle seeds to anyone who was interested last year, and the competition as to whose would germinate first has kept us all keen!

    (PS expect to see for sale, later on this year, Monkey Puzzle seedlings....)

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    Helene U Taylor

    I am also using YouTube, I film my garden at least every month, sometimes more often and since I moved house in May 2015 I now have a record of two gardens and how they developed. I use the movies mainly for my gardening blog but they are a good reminder for me too of how everything can change from year to year. I would love to have a separate section for videos so visitors could easily find it, maybe a video tab on our pages, or a separate space on the My Garden page?

    Here is my YouTube Channel:


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