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What is a Sage?

  • What is a Sage?

We all know the herb that's used in the stuffing for the Sunday roast. But there are many other plants too that get called Sage. That's the problem with common names.

Our Plant Finder has 110 plants that have the name Sage in one form or another.

So if you'd like to know your true Sage from your Blue sage, your Wood sage from your Meadow sage, your Russian sage from your Jerusalem sage, read our latest guide to plants with common names: What is a Sage?.

Photo: Phlomis russeliana, the Sticky Jerusalem sage - has Sage-like qualities, with opposite-paired grey green leaves, but not a true Sage.

Comments (4)

  1. Grower

    Angie's Garden

    Salvia Amistad is a favourite plant in my garden. Although not hardy, cuttings are easily struck. I very thorough guide.

    • What is a Sage?
  2. Grower

    The GPS Team

    Wow, nice plant and nice photo Angie. Love the contrasting shades of purple. Gather it's a relatively new cultivar. If we create a plant record, could we use this photo?

  3. Grower

    Angie's Garden

    I am not sure when it was introduced. I've had it 3 years now. Of course you can use this photo. Let me know if you want me to send it via email.

  4. Grower

    Helene U Taylor

    Salvia lavandulifolia (Spanish sage) is my favourite salvia, it is a rather small plant in my garden, I keep it in a pot and have now taken a few cuttings for safety. It has blue flowers that look a bit like lavender, but if you bruise the leaves it smells like cardamom! I have read the smell is supposed to be like rosemary but I swear mine smells very similar to cardamom and I love that scent, I can’t pass the plant without having a sniff and that poor plant is being rubbed VERY often. I use cardamom in a lot of cooking, both sweet and savoury and I must admit I haven’t been brave enough to try substituting it with Salvia lavandulifolia yet – but one day perhaps…. I will take some more cuttings this spring and have for swapping if anyone is interested :-)

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