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Bamboo plants

I am searching for bamboo plants for our school garden

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  1. Grower

    Good Earth Gardens

    Hi Helmut, I'm sure there must be people on this site who have bamboos in pots which need lifting and dividing, but unfortunately I'm not one of them! It's interesting that you list Nandina, as it isn't actually a bamboo but an evergreen shrub and might not be as easily available as other kinds of bamboo because it isn't as fast growing in the UK climate. But good luck and I hope you find what you need. :-) Is it a Japanese style garden, or are you looking for plants which will screen the garden or the view of other buildings?

  2. Grower

    Helmut Raimund Camphill School Aberdeen

    thank you for your interest. Its a kind of landart project and i am learning by doing. Nandina I would like to place behind a small well so that it overlooks it. The bamboo I would like to grow left and right of a path. So I have to contain the plants. Later I would also like to bend them slightly in a certain way.

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  3. Grower

    Good Earth Gardens

    Wow! That looks amazing! So you can use plastic or pots to contain the bamboo...And weave them over to create an archway? A bit like willow? Fantastic, anyway. I'd love to hear/see how the project progresses (sorry I don't have any bamboo!)

  4. Grower

    Helmut Raimund Camphill School Aberdeen

    Yes thanks ALYA, that would be nice. How can I get it?

  5. Grower

    The GPS Team

    Hi Helmut - you can see Alya's location on her Grower page (just click on her name above - it's a link to her page) ... and message her direct from her page (message button under her profile picture).

  6. Grower

    Helmut Raimund Camphill School Aberdeen

    Yes I like them. Lets roll..

  7. Grower

    Rachel the Gardener

    Hi Helmut,

    I have a client with a massive Sasa bamboo: it grows to at least 15' tall and is a rampant spreader. They want to seriously reduce it, but the bad news is that you would have to dig it up yourself!

    If you are interested, do please contact me off-thread, as it were, by following the route indicated above - click on my name, then use Contact Grower. If this is too far for you to come to collect it, I will understand - presumably you are in Aberdeen?

    If any other GreenPlantSwap growers are interested in free bamboo, do contact me!

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