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What is a Bluebell?

  • What is a Bluebell?
  • What is a Bluebell?

Is there anything more delighting than the sight and scent of a Bluebell wood in spring? Just writing these words and looking at the photos makes us think 'Come on spring!'

So what's all the fuss about English bluebells vs Spanish bluebells ... or Italian bluebells? We're in the EU aren't we? (at least for now!) The more the merrier??

Well no, actually, there is an issue. The scented wild flowers we know and love are at risk. If you know your Bluebells, and what they need, you can make a difference in your garden and in the woods around you, now ... and for the future.

Find out how in 'What is a Bluebell?', our latest guide to confusing common names.

Comments (2)

  1. Grower

    Helene U Taylor

    Lovely photo of the field of bluebells!
    I followed the link to the interesting article about bluebells, I had actually never seen an English Bluebell, or a Spanish one for that matter, until I moved to London in 1999. And after all these years living here I still find it hard to call them ‘Bluebells’ – in my heart Bluebells are just one thing and that’s the flowers I grew up with calling Bluebells. Here you call them Scottish Bluebells - where I come from, we of course call them Norwegian Bluebells! I am talking about Campanula rotundifolia, an adorable flower not really so fit for the garden, it is happier in ditches and places with poor soil and little attention.
    There is a bluebell for all of us, this is my favourite :-)

    Photos courtesy Wikipedia.

    • What is a Bluebell?
    • What is a Bluebell?
    • What is a Bluebell?
  2. Grower

    The GPS Team

    How interesting. No doubt Bluebells, and its equivalent in other languages, is applied to many, many different plants. It is such a simple descriptive term. Thank you for the Norwegian one! It makes the point so well that indigenous plants ... with blue bells ... are loved just as much in other places as they are here.

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